Gift a guardian this Mother’s Day with a
warm blanket or a protective mosquito net! 

Loveness Banda receives blanket April 2011

Above: In April 2011, Loveness Banda, a guardian of an orphaned child at PaKachele school, received a warm blanket.

Below: Loveness participates in the school’s gardening program - an income generating activity providing food for the school, with surplus sold at local markets.

With over one million orphans in Zambia, the definition of “mother” stretches wide. HIV/AIDS orphans are often cared for by grandparents, aunts, uncles and single parents.

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May 3rd – May 10th

$5 =1 Warm Blanket
$10= 1 Mosquito Net

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With winters quite cold for Zambian families, and malaria a persistent presence, your locally purchased item will serve an important need!

To make a donation in honor of a mother in your life, please send a separate e-mail to and an e-card will be sent in your name.

Loveness Banda volunteers at PaKachele Garden


Caring for caregivers ensures a better life for orphaned and vulnerable children.

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Listen to and watch the guardians sing! (And see Loveness just a few people into the line.)

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